Gruppo Leone

Since after the war, the Leone's family begins his activity in the construction of roads and works great, the company is transformed in 1991 when it took over Vincenzo that change, in the course of time, the business structure adapting to the current technological demands of the market.

The main activity of the company is the maintenance and construction of roads, viaducts, aqueducts, sewers, and public lighting. With its great Team of professionals work in the field of private building by construction of individual houses and residential complexes, in the school building, in industrial complexes ,commercial premises and craft by showing to produce works of great prestige.

Since 1991, with the active participation on the part of the surveyor Vincenzo Leone, the family business (Leone Pietro Costruzioni), it is stated in the territories of the regional. The company boasts an excellent organization and a solid experience in the construction sector, the company's headquarters is in Modica (RG) and operates in the whole of Italy, Malta and across Europe. 

Always in 1991, the Geom. Vincenzo Leone is the company of the same name, which in 2001 transformed in society, and becomes L. P. Construction. Nel 2023 si aggiunge al gruppo la Leone Asfalti azienda specializzata della produzione e stesa di conglomerati bituminosi.

The group is the group of firms, and men of means who over the years stood out for their professionalism, expertise and results.

Deals in the field of national public contracts, residential and industrial complexes.

Azienda operante nella produzione e stesa di conglomerati bituminosi.

A company engaged in the procurement of public and private works in the area of Malta.